Former Gallery Artists:  

Knute Heldner
Dewey Albinson
Charles Biederman
Cameron Booth
Nicholas R. Brewer
Adolf Dehn
Seth Eastman
Gil Elvgren
David Ericson
John Fery
John Flanagan
Alexis Jean Fournier
Harriet Frishmuth
Wanda Ga’g
Philip R. Goodwin
Paul Granlund
Alonzo Hauser
Knute Heldner
Frank B. Hoffman


Francis Lee Jaques
Eastman Johnson
Robert Koehler
Henry Lewis
Clara Mairs
Paul Manship
Joseph Meeker
Earl Moran
George Morrison
Gilbert Munger
B. J. O. Nordfeldt
Edgar Payne
Carl W. Rawson
Winold Reiss
Ferdinand Richardt
John Rood
Douglas Volk
Elof Wedin


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Wes and Leon Kramer still keep in touch with a few collectors who are occasionally adding to their collections. Visitors with important or interesting artwork they wish to sell may send inquiries to us at our contact email address. Anyone interested in Roland Reed photographs may also contact us there.